Tourist attraction in Yubara


Outdoor hot spring Sunayu

Free Admission This hot spring represents Yubara Onsen that is the outdoor hot spring town chosen by the Yokozuna of the west Japan of the national outdoor hot spring ranking. This hot spring is man-and-woman mixed bathing, and there are three kinds of springs such as “Beauty Spring”, “Gestation Spring”, and “Long life Spring”.

The haiku monument of Akiko YOSANO

The haiku monument of Haiku poet Akiko YOSANO

Karankoron Avenue

From the end of April to summer end, the cry of Kajika frog echoes every year in the hot spring resort, and it is very refreshing sounds like “clack, clack” . That is why he Maine Street of the hot-spring resort is called “Karankoron Avenue”.

Yubara Onsen Yakushi-do

Yakushi means the Healing Buddha, and Onsen Yakushi-do is it’s temple. The divine favor of this temple is that what was lost will be return to you. If you have interest, please visit this temple and pray to Yakushi.

The story of street corner

There are five big mural paintings in a street corner, and iintroduces old tales and legends about Yubara.

Hot spring museum

In the hot spring museum,they are displaying about history of Yubama hot spring and various things about hot spring. Do you want to be a hot spring doctor? If you can have their lecture about hot spring, you will be!

Spinning top museum

In the Spinning top museum, you can see the Japanese traditional-handicrafts article “Spinning top”, and foreign “Spinning top”.

Hanzaki Center

Hanzaki center displays the skeletal preparations of a country specification natural treasure “cryptobranchoidea” (giant salamander) and freshwater fishs.

Hanzaki Daimyoujin

“Hanzaki festival” is held on August 8 every year, and this parade float carries out the parade around the hot spring resort.

Are you interested in special experiences only in Yubara?

Prior reservation is required.

Yubara folk handicraft studio

Experience painting spinning top. Time required : about 30 minutes. Participant number: up to 5 persons.

Glass craft atelier

Experience glasswork Time required : about 50 minutes
The experience charge is included in the material cost.
Pendant making: 2,500JPY
Strap making: 2,800JPY
Participant number: up to 5 persons.

MOMO Studio

Woodwork class

Himawari-kan Sobano-yakata

Experience making Soba (buckwheat noodles)

Yubara Climbing Center, Maniwa city office Yubara branch office

Experience rock-climbing

Noa Corporation Hiruzen Horse Park

Experience horse riding