Hot spring

History of Yubara

Since ancient times hot springs are present in large numbers, In Yubara hot spring. Long ago people of this area used the hot spring for their life in their long history, Start of period of ancient burial mounds, the “Tatara Seitesu” – a kind of iron manufacture which used iron sand as material – was prosperous in this area. Around this area, there are many historic relics and slagheaps of wastes discarded by iron manufactures. Many employees were required for ironing iron manufactures, and worked by group work more than 300 – 1,000 persons or more. High quality iron sand and large quantity of wood fuel are necessary for iron manufacture. Therefore, they needed to travel many mountains around this area, this must have been very hard work at that time because they had to do all by human power! Yubara hot spring was their medical treatment place, and their activity base. The image of iron manufacture is described by “Princess Mononoke” of the Japanese animation movie.

The oldest record in history of Yubara hot spring is about the established a spa in Yubara hot spring area for “Ofuku-no-kata”. She is mother of Hideie Ukita who is one of the five major vassals of Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI. History record says “Ofuku-no-kata” was a very beautiful lady. She was born in this area, and she was the person who led the unfortunate life of the Age of Japanese Civil Wars. Before Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI gained Japan unification, she became Hideyoshi Toyotomi’s concubine. Hideyoshi loved her tenderly, and Hideie won his promotion to the five major vassals. Because she got sick, Hideie built the bathhouse in Yubara hot spring area as her medical treatment place.

Spring type of Yubara hot spring

Spring type

Hypotonicity alkali high temperature spring (simple hot spring alkaline by the new classification)
There are 15 fountainheads in Yubara hot spring. These fountainheads have 6000 liters/m hot water quantity by presumption, and all fountainheads are artesian spring. According to the specialist’s presumption, the heat source of Yubara Onsen is magma of Hokidaisen and the Hiruzen volcano.


Chronic skin disease (such as atopic dermatitis)
Chronic female disorders, incised wound, burn or scald and diabetes.